What is School For?

Earlier this year the incomparable Seth Godin released a provocative (and free) manifesto about the systemic failings of our Education process, called Stop Stealing Dreams.

This eBook is a must-read for anyone, like me, who believes that the entire school system needs radical change. In an age where any answer to any question is in your pocket, do we really need to memorize anything? And if all the work that can be automated or outsourced will be, is school training people to do the creative, out of the box work required for the jobs that are left? Or is school doing the exact opposite of what we now need?

Stop Stealing Dreams was an effort to get the dialogue started, and more than 1 million people have downloaded it in the last few months. And if you’d rather watch than read, now you can check out the TEDx talk Godin recently recorded. It’s a short, punchy overview of his core ideas.

“Are we asking our kids to connect the dots or collect the dots?”. Zinger alert, Seth Godin is taking the stage…