Buy This Book and Save a Life: End Malaria

Close to a million people die from Malaria every year. 91% of these deaths occur in Africa, and most are children under 5. Malaria is preventable and treatable, yet still nearly 2000 people die in Africa every day.

There is a war going on against those evil little Malaria mosquitoes, and the tide is finally turning. Many developing countries have been able to decrease their Malaria deaths by more than 50%, and mortality is down by 10% in Africa since last year. The cure? A simple, inexpensive mosquito net. Or the access to medicine for anyone who does contract the illness.

I just had a chance to participate in the fight against Malaria just by doing what I love to do. And now you have that opportunity too.

An incredible collection of essays was released by Seth Godin’s Domino Project, under the title End Malaria. $20 from every book or e-book sold goes to Malaria No More. So each sale buys at least one mosquito net, and saves at least one life.

The book was conceived of and edited by Michael Bungay Stanier, who knows what Great Work looks like. It features short, punchy essays by 62 thought leaders, including many of my own personal favorites. Think you could get inspired by new ideas from Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Sir Ken Robinson, Scott Stratten, Gary Vaynerchuk, Derek Sivers, Steven Johnson, Tom Peters, Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, and Jonathan Fields? Now add 51 more great minds to the deal.

One more bonus! Michael Bungay Stanier wrote a Change This manifesto about what he learned in working closely with Seth Godin on the project. At the Speed of Seth is an inspiring, actionable eBook that also shouldn’t be missed. And it’s free.

Save a life, and change your own. Sounds like the perfect deal to me. So go and buy the book here NOW (or maybe watch this  trailer for one more kick in the pants).