Anything You Want (you got it)

I recently finished listening to the audio version of Derek Sivers’ great new book Anything You Want – 40 Lessons for the New Kind of Entrepreneur.  It’s a collection of 40 short stories from Sivers’ time starting, building and ultimately selling (for 22 million dollars) the internet music company CD Baby.

Sivers’ journey started in 1997 when he realized that there was no place online for independent musicians like himself to sell their CDs. So he simply learned how to build a purchasing site for himself. And then musician friend after friend wanted his help… until a new small business took off. But this was a business grounded in something special. Because Sivers really only ever intended to help his friends (not make millions), he always used that mission, as well as his own deeply held personal values about what business should be for, to guide all his decisions. And his very intention not to be BIG actually served as the driver for his incredible success.

Most business books are cut from the same cloth. But not this one. At just 88 pages it’s a snappy, heartfelt, and refreshing take on just how unique the notion of success should be, as well as a guide on how to operate your own business compass. Don’t believe me? These five fine videos, taken right from the audio recording of Sivers’ book, just could be what you need to get Anything You Want.