Video Killed the TV Star

TED’s lead Curator Chris Anderson has gone from organizer to speaker with a TED Talk of his own – and it’s a good one. He presents the idea that the proliferation of online video has created a new phenomena he is calling ‘Crowd Accelerated Innovation’.

Just like when extreme sports athletes keep pushing each other to new heights, or when dancers learn killer new moves from the last one to step up, online video is accelerating the innovation cycle by making it possible to tap into an entire globe presenting the latest new trick. This one-upmanship on steroids boosts all types of innovation – great ideas, inventions, creations and breakthroughs are not only spreading more quickly than ever before – they are also getting improved upon exponentially. And this is not coming from just the recognized leaders of various sub-cultures, but from deep within the crowds themselves, because ‘the big break’ no longer determines who gets the glory – talent trumps all.

And as online video is radically speeding up the  improvement cycle, it’s also making new types of learning possible. Chris ends the talk with an inspiring view into the future of TED itself. They have moved from the original in-person seminar format, to recorded seminars posted through video, to the new TEDx series, where any group can assemble and record their own TEDx conferences. And TED’s next stage will be to determine how to move their presentations from a one-to-many format to a many-to-many community of learning where everyone is a student – as well as a teacher.