Is Social Media Stunting Environmental Progress?

As the VP of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas, Marc Stoiber speaks and publishes about the intersection of the environment and innovation. In this 12 minute TEDx presentation he points out to his web savvy audience that when it comes to environmental progress the internet has created a “firehose of communication” that at the very least is creating  mass distraction, and at the extreme is driving audiences to “flatline” and become catatonic. Stoiber uses entertaining examples to illustrate that people are motivated by real connections with others, and that social media is merely a tool to connect, and not an end in itself. Although it may feel good, being a “fan” of something isn’t an action that is going to change anything. We must use social media as tools to inspire real action and always remember that  “the world will not be saved by typing the mission, it will be saved by living the mission”.